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Quality Department at RCF

Quality department is headed by Chief Quality Manager with assistance of three Oy Chief . Quality Managers, CMT & ACMT. RCF lays down emphasis on quality of bought out items and in-house manufactured sub assemblies & components thereby ensuring quality of the final product, i.e. furnished coach. RCF follows an elaborate system for Quality Assurance by highly qualified and experienced staff as below :

(A) Quality of shop made products is ensured by :-

  • Proper process control through working Instructions, self Inspections, regular calibration of jigs, fixtures and gauges.
  • Laying down the quality plans for in-process and final inspection.
  • Audit inspection at sub-assembly stage.
  • Root cause analysis on repeated defects is initiated.
  • Production staff carryout self inspection of the work done and record results on
    Self Inspection Performa's (SIPs).
  • Testing and grading of welders.
  • Inspection after manufacturing of Shell, Paint and furnished coach.
(B) Quality of bought out items is ensured by :-
  • Procuring safety items only from approved sources. Sources of critical/ safety items are approved as per laid down procedure based on the suppliers past performance in terms of delivery and quality (vendor rating).
  • Laying down the quality plans and verification of the purchased products.
  • Conducting process audit at firm's premises to improve the quality of end product.
  • Audit inspection of pre-inspected bought out materials.
  • Regular interactions with RITES in connection with quality of bought out items.
  • Ensuring proper upkeep, use & maintenance of calibration status, repair disposal and replacement of inspection equipments of M&C lab.
  • Dealing with non-conforming products through Shop QC & M&C Lab.
(C) M&C Laboratory :-
  • Our M&C Lab. is a full-fledged Lab. with facilities for mechanical testing, chemical testing, microstructures, radiography, testing of paints, rubbers & plastiCS, gases and environmental testing.
  • Spectrograph Section is NABL accredited.
  • RITES inspectors frequently use ReF lab for their inspections.

(D) Metrology Laboratory :-

  • RCF has NABL accredited lab. for calibration of mechanical equipments for their periodical calibration of jigs & fixtures, templates & measuring equipments.
  • Lays down the quality plans for calibration of inspection equipments to national/international standards.
  • Calibration of gauges & measuring instruments of other railways.

(E) Warranty claims & Customer Service Cell :-

  • Customer Complaint Cell deals with the warranty claims of coaching depots from zonal railways.
  • Rolling stock certificate is an important document which is frequently used for traceability and deciding warranty replacement. R5C is uploaded timely on the CMM portal.
  • RCF encourages Zonal Railways to raise warranty claims through CMM.
  • Warranty complaints are also acknowledged by RCF when claims are either received through fax, SM5, email or through letters. Warranty claims are raised against the firms and a copy of the same is given to Zonal Railways.
  • The firm is advised to attend to the complaints in time, otherwise the firm is penalized with severe reduction in vendor rating as follows:

No. of days for closure of warranty

( 0-10 )    Days    ( 11-20 ) Days  (21-30)    Days     ( 31-40 )    Days    ( 41-50 )      Days       ( 51-60 )         Days         >60 Days        

%age deduction in quality rating

0 5 10 20 40 60 100
  • Copy of the warranty claims raised is also forwarded to GGMIRITES or EDlQAlRD50 so that future inspections are tightened up.
  • Regular meetings with RITES are also done to discuss following issues :
  1. Rejection made during audit inspections
  2. Non-conformities raised at shop floor
  3. Warranty complaints raised by Zonal Railways.

(F) Certificates & Credentials with Latest Version :-

ISO TS 22163      -  International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS)
ISO 14001          -  Quality Management System
IS0 9001             -  Environment Management System
ISO 45001          -  Occupational Health and Safety Management System
ISO 3834            -  Quality requirements of Fusion Welding of Metallic Material
ISO 17025     -  NABL Accreditation of Spectro-lab under Metallurgical & Chemical Laboratory and Metrological  Laboratory (Mechanical) .
5S                        -  Modern Quality Techniques

(G) Environment Management Awards :-

  • Greentech Environment Management Award : 2018 - Platinum
  • Green Co Rating - Bronze


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