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पिछले वर्षों के दौरान महत्वपूर्ण उपलब्धियां



 For Civil

(1)   Setling up of Composting Machine of Capacity 10 Tonne per day in Dump Yard:- Composting Machine of Capacity 10 Tonne per day has been installed in Dump Yard. The technology deployed is sorting cum composting machine to process Kitchen wastes to convert in green manure and segregation of plastic wastes etc. (i) Agency will supply all treated green manure to RCF out of the total kitchen waste of about 3-4 Ton per day. (ii) The green manure produced will be used for horticulture activities in RCF Colony area and also to colony residents.The agreement is initially for 5 years. Which may be Subsequently extended further after review of performance on yearly basis up to further 5years. 
(2)   Plantation of Trees/Shrubs - 16381 Nos
(3)   Provision of flowers hanging pots 500nos on centre verge on main roads in township .
(4)   Cleaning of toilets - 19 blocks regularly. 
(5)   Kerb Stone Painting – 2290 mtr. 
(6)   Cleaning of road gully chambers for improving drainage – 521 Nos.
(7)   Improvement of signage – 125 Nos.
(8)   White washing/distempering, snowcem – 253486 sqm.
(9)   Trimming of trees – 17209 Nos.
(10)  Removal of debris – 5116.4 MT.
(11)  Scrap disposal(Wood) - 27396.30
(12)  Scrap disposal (Cardboard) – 1456.75
(13)  Scrap disposal (Polythene) – 865.15
(14)  Zero Value Scrap - 33229.25
(1)  IRIS Certificate – RCF has successfully obtained IRIS Certificate.
(2) Integrated Management System – RCF is the first unit in Indian Railways to obtain certification for Integrated Management System covering ISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.
(3) ISO 50001 – RCF has successfully obtained Energy Management System.
(4)  ‘5S’ Certification (A Japanese concept for improving Work Place Efficiency) - RCF is the first organization in Indian Railways to obtain this certification.
(5) NABL accreditation for Spectro Lab (Testing) and Metrology Lab (Calibration)has been obtained.
(6) GreenCo Rating – RCF has obtained “Bronze” GreenCo rating done by M/s CII
(7) ISO 3834-2:2005 has obtained for Management of Welding Process.


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