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Facilities at our Residential Complex

A. Schooling Facilities :

Five Schools are functioning in RCF Township. Details are as under :

1. Kendriya Vidhyalaya :

This School offers education in English medium from 1st to 10+2 on CBSE pattern. The School is run by Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sangathan. It is situated near Type  IV D/S Quarters.


2. Govt. Sr. Sec. School :

This school offers education in Punjabi medium from 6th to 10+2. The School is run by Punjab School Education Board. It is situated near football ground.

3. Govt. Elementary School :

This School offers education in Punjabi medium from 1st to 8th standard. This School is also run by Punjab School Education Board. It is situated near Type ? I Quarters,


4. Jack N Jill Sr. School :

This run under.. the aegis of RCF.. Women Welfare Organization (WWO) to impart education in English medium & from Ist to 6th standard.



5. Jack N Jill Jr. School (Balwari School) :

This school is also run under the aegis of RCF/WWO it imparts education to tinny-tots with modern techniques from Pre-Nursery to UKG classes.

B. Shopping Complex Facilities :

There is a main shopping complex and a number of mini shopping complexes located in different areas of RCF campus as under:-

1. Main Shopping Complex :

This Shopping Complex houses all types of shops which cater to the daily needs of the residents. It has a Kendriya Bhandar which provides groceries at subsidised prices. It is located between Type-III Quaters and LLR Hospital.

2. Mini Shopping Complexes :

Besides the main shopping complex, there are mini shopping complexes located near each type of Quarters, for essential commodities. They are located at the following places:

- Near Kendriya Vidhyalaya.
- Type ? III Qtrs.
- Two Mini shopping complexes near Jack N? Jill school in Type-II.
- Near Dushera Ground.
- Near Water Tank in Type ? I.
- Western Colony.

C. Banking Complex :

All the Banks are situated in a cluster near the Main Shopping Complex :
SBI with ATM Punjab & Sind
Bank with ATM
Axis Bank ATM HDFC Bank ATM RCF Co-operative
Thrift &
Credit Society
Post Office

D. Canteen :

One modern and well equipped statutory staff canteen has been established in the Workshop area, which is catering to the needs of more than 7000 employees, by supplying Tea/Snacks/Cold-drinks and meals (Lunch) etc. It has a seating capacity of 1200 persons.

E. Karamchari Kalyan Kosh :

To provide immediate financial help to the family of employees, who expires in service, a scheme has been launched under the name of Karamchari Kalyan Kosh. Under this scheme, all staff including officers are covered and immediate help is provided to the aggrieved family. Rs. 15/- as subscription is being deducted from the salary. A sum of Rs. 56500/- is paid to the family of deceased employee.

F. Handicraft Centre :

To impart training in stitching, cutting & embroidery to ladies, a handicraft center is functioning from 09.00 to 13.00 hrs in Jack N? Jill School.

G. Creche :

To meet the demands of working couples of RCF, RCF /WWO is running a Crèche with modern facilities in Qtr. No. 81-D, Type IV.

H. Computer Centre :

To educate RCF employees and their wards with computer related knowledge, a computer centre is run by RCF/ WWO in Qtr No. 81-C, Type IV.
(Public Relations Officer, RCF)


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