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Coach Alteration Instructions (CAI)

Coach Alteration Instructions (CAI)
 1 Replacing Lavatory window(Having fixed glass)to Drg no LW54179 alt-nil in LHB coaches with new design of Lavatory window with fixed louvers and Replacing hopper portion of lavatory window with new design of fixed louvers CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_012 & 013  
2 Stadardization of oil delivery inlet of LHB power car with that of delivery nozzle of intermediate fueling points for locomotives CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_014  
3 Revised drawing of primary suspension arrangement of LHB coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_016  
4 Provision of venturi type toilet ventilation in LHB type Non AC coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_017  
5 Stenceling of revised Tare Weight for LVPH coach CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_021  
6 Revised CAI to avoid failures in piping arrgt. of air suspension and FIBA CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_024_REV_01  
7 Provision of isolating cock on the branch pipe connecting the brake pipe to the passenger emergency alarm value and alarm pull boxes in RCF Stainless steel coaches(Rajdhani Coaches) CAI_RCF_MECH_R-SS_024  
8 Replacing window curtains with roller blind in all LHB coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_026  
9 Reverse mounting Arrgt. of cabin 8 saloon sliding door for LWFAC coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_031  
10 CAI to avoid failures in piping arrgt. of air suspension and FIBA for FIBA and LVPH coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_034  
11 Provision of Linen room in ACCNE (80 Berther with linen room) coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_038  
12 Stenciling of revised Tare Weight for 40 seater LSLRD coach CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_039  
13 Provision of additional Dirt collector in BP line before FIBA device in all LHB coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_040_REV_00  
14 Provision of Dog Box in gaurd room of LHB Power Car coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_041  
15 Pasting handles on Emergency open-able window (EOW) with handles for LHB AC Coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_043  
16 lavatory door locking system improvement in the economy coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_044  
17 Standardization of water filling assembly for LHB type AC including power car and SCN EOG coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_046  
18 Identification for differentiating LHB Bogie frames based on Primary bump spot height CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_053  
19 CAI for Provision of FRP Cover sheet to avoid passing of waste material outside of dust bin area below Wash Basin & Fire extinguisher side Dustbin. (Withdrawn) CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_054 Replaced by CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_059  

(i) Increase the length of Drain pipe of outside wash basin arrangement 

(ii)Provission of Nylon/SS Braided drain pipe alonge with SS Coupling

21 Retro fitment of modified middle wall of Orient Style Lavatory Module & Western Style Lavatory Module of ACCNE(Economy) coach CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_059  
22 Retro fitment of additional water filling arrangement in LHB type coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_061  
23 Provision of locking arrangement in saloon sliding door LHB 1 AC Coach swivel type lock CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_062  
24 Removal of RMPU FRP Top Cover Assembely CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_063  
25 Retro fitment of locking arrangement of isolating cock of Aspiration type Smoke/fire detection with alarm system in LHB Ac Coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_064  
26 Change of Material of Vestibule footplate to AISI 304 in LHB type Coaches CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_068  
27 Retrofitment for provision of Toilet facilities in MEMU coaches manufactured prior to 2010  CAI_RCF_MECH_LHB_125  
28 CAI for conventional MEMU/DMC and TC fitted with air suspension CAI_RCF_MECH_CONV_126_REV_01  
29 Stenciling of revised Transportation code and speed on three phase MEMU coaches in which modification of bogies has been carried out to suit 110 KMPH operation CAI_RCF_MECH_CONV_129  
30 CAI to avoid the problem of MR pipe charging with one compressor running in 3 phase MEMU rack turned out by RCF CAI_RCF_MECH_CONV_130  
31 CAI to provide of non return valve (NRV) between main compressor and main reservoir pipe line with BHEL electric in 3 phase MEMU/DMC CAI_RCF_MECH_CONV_132  
32 CAI for AC-2 Tier, 3 Tier Hot Buffect & Power Car LHB(EOG) Ac-2 Tier & AC-3Tier area of Composite Coaches Letter No MD 22151 Dated 05-09-2023  






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