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Gazetted Section


               Selection for post of  AEDPM   

 Title  Date
AEDPM Selection Notification  14.06.2021
 Syllabus  ---



Office Orders (2021)

 Title  Date
Office Order No.2021/41 13.07.2021
Office Order No.2021/40 12.07.2021
Office Order No.2021/39 09.07.2021
Office Order No.2021/38  
Office Order No.2021/37 03.07.2021
Office Order No.2021/36 01.07.2021
Office Order No.2021/35 29.06.2021
Office Order No.2021/34A 30.06.2021
Office Order No.2021/34 29.06.2021
Office Order No.2021/33 28.06.2021
Office Order No.2021/32 11.06.2021
Office Order No.2021/31 11.06.2021
Office Order No.2021/30 29.05.2021
Office Order No.2021/29 02.06.2021
Office Order No.2021/28 29.05.2021
Office Order No.2021/27 19.05.2021
Office Order No.2021/26 18.05.2021
Office Order No.2021/25 17.05.2021
Office Order No.2021/24 12.05.2021
Office Order No.2021/23 30.04.2021
Office Order No.2021/22 29.04.2021
Office Order No.2021/21 27.04.2021
Office Order No.2021/20 23.04.2021
Office Order No.2021/19 15.04.2021
Office Order No.2021/18 11.04.2021
Office Order No.2021/17 10.04.2021
Office Order No.2021/16 05.04.2021
Office Order No.2021/15 05.04.2021
Office Order No.2021/14 24.03.2021
Office Order No.2021/13 23.03.2021
Office Order No.2021/12 18.03.2021
Office Order No.2021/11 12.03.2021
Office Order No.2021/10 03.03.2021
Office Order No.2021/09 02.03.2021
Office Order No.2021/08 01.03.2021
Office Order No.2021/07 08.02.2021
Office Order No.2021/06 08.02.2021
Office Order No.2021/05 06.02.2021
Office Order No.2021/04 05.01.2021
Office Order No.2021/03 18.01.2021
Office Order No.2021/02 16.01.2021
Office Order No.2021/01 11.01.2021


List of Officers in RCF (2021)  

 Title  Date
All Officers List as on 01.07.2021 July 2021
All Officers List as on 01.06.2021 June 2021
All Officers List as on 01.05.2021 May 2021
All Officers List as on 01.04.2021 April 2021
All Officers List as on 01.03.2021 March 2021
All Officers List as on 01.02.2021 Feb 2021
All Officers List as on 01.01.2021 Jan 2021


Officers Cadre POSITION

 Title  Date
Gazetted Cadre as on 01.07.2021 July 2021
Gazetted Cadre as on 01.06.2021 June 2021
Gazetted Cadre as on 01.05.2021 May 2021
Gazetted Cadre as on 01.04.2021 April 2021
Gazetted Cadre as on 01.03.2021 March 2021
Gazetted Cadre as on 01.01.2021 Feb 2021



                                                                  Contract Medical Practitioners                                                                    

 Title  Date


Walk in Interview


JPO 04.07.2020



Notifications for Selection of APO   

 Title  Date
Exam Notification 12.01.2021
Notification for Selection of APO 70%  11.09.2019


 Selection for post of  ACMT   

 Title  Date
Exam Notification 07.01.2021
Notification for Selection of ACMT




Notifications of Exam for Selection of AEDPM

 Title  Date
postponed of Notification for the post of AEDPM 11.11.2019
Notification of Exam for Selection of AEDPM 24.10.2019


Old Office Orders

 Title  Year
 Office Orders  2020

Old Officers Position at RCF/KXH

 Title  Year
All Officers List  2020
All Officers List  2019


                                                         Contract Medical Practitioners                                                                    

 Title  Date


Walk in Interview


JPO 04.07.2020


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